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Since 1992 Agroväst has been a driving force within Swedish farming when it comes to uniting research, society and business.

Our mission is to contribute to a profitable and sustainable farming in West Sweden based on high technical standards and good consumer relations. This we do by facilitating an effective dialogue between farmers, food industry and the academy, and by creating possibilities for farmers, industry and the academy to form and attract funding for needs based projects.
Agroväst is working with seven RoI-programmes: Dairy, Beef and lamb-production, Precision farming, Soil and waterconservation, Bioenergy, Management and Horticulture. Each program has a steering committee that represents business, the academy and the public sector. Within each programme we are running a set of development projects. Both smaller studies and field trials, as well as bigger projects often financed by EU.

Agroväst has a broad network of partners, especially in Scandinavia but also in large parts of Europe. In Sweden we work closely with the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, SP Agrifood and Bioscience, Region Västra Götaland, The federation of Swedish farmers and several companies within the food industry, among others.

In Norway and Denmark we have had several collaborations with, for instance, Aarhus University, NIBIO, Norwegian University of Life Sciences, Seges and University of Copenhagen.



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